A Bow Man’s Plea

Upon the foredeck he did stand
Shouting loud and clear
But no one took no notice
The buoy was getting near.

“Untie those knots, I need the kite”
He screamed with all his might
But no one seemed to be aware
Of his desperate plight.

“Let go the brace, pull up the pole”
He added with more concern
But glancing back all he saw
Were people looking astern.

What do I have to do he thought
To get their close attention
What was said was quite effective
But here I cannot mention.

And around the buoy we went
Silent pleas for luck
But a casual glance at the mast
Showed the spinnaker was not up.

A barrage of advice did come
From every different direction
Only to be blown away
As we slipped further from contention.

Then three cheers as up it went
And all before forgotten
Followed by a collective hush
The top was at the bottom

Armin slumped upon the deck
Commiserations he did got
Next time he left the shore he thought
Please let it be a shorter yacht.

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