Cheese Hole

Feeling a Little Peckish…?

Unlike the barren store John Cleese walked into on his quest to purchase some cheese, the Cheese Hole restaurant is unquestionably “contaminated” by that particular dairy product and in many delightful and varied portions. So much so the Monty Python sketch would have been reduced to nothing but a long yawn.

Open now for almost one year this restaurant has become very popular through its extensive use of different kinds of cheese in many of its dishes. As a result making a reservation is wise.

A unique opportunity presents itself to see life through the eyes of a mouse as the entrance, with its predictable yellow tones, gives the overwhelming effect of entering a block of Swiss cheese, particularly with the curved walls and the yellow tiled steps that lead down into the bar and reception area.

Inside the décor is bright and refreshing. Gaily coloured seat covers, subtle lighting techniques and candle placement contribute to this effect and a touch of decoupage adds an extra interesting dimension. Old brightly painted kerosene lanterns and candle stick holders add a quaint touch also. Being partially below ground level the main dining area has a cavernous feel, conducive to close group conversation or romantic candlelight intimacy. Two conveniently located rows of pillars help provide division and segregation to the small area.

A simple and to-the-point menu presents the cuisine most elegantly and one page in particular is devoted entirely to the culinary cheesy wonders that the kitchen can offer.

My fiancé and I have frequented this restaurant several times but on this particular occasion we began with Gravlaks (180Rb) and Swiss soup with smoked fish (170). I have to confess that I cannot go past the Genevian Cheese Pie (250Rb) for a main dish as I enjoy popping the pastry bubble. One day I will grow up. Olga has always been more adventurous, however, and this time experimented with the Kish Loren (320Rub). If the bits I managed to scoop off her plate while she was not looking are anything to go by I would say it is definitely worth a try as well. For desert the chocolate/fruit fondue for two (450Rb) made a fun and delicious ending to the meal. The two baskets of small bread rolls that appeared during the meal were found to be complimentary and the whole experience was enjoyed with fresh pineapple juice (150Rb) and glass of Chateau Tertre de Launay (220Rb).

The unobtrusive table service guided us effortlessly through our meal until we found ourselves sadly wishing we were not in a public place so we could lick the last of our desert from our plates and the generous servings (approach the garnishes with caution) with realistic prices enabled both me and my wallet to leave feeling rather full.

The restaurant is ideal for business lunches and would be a definite contributor to a positive result for a first date, but for children andcelebrations…well…alas, better elsewhere.

And for the romantics, hearts charged from a bottle or two of fine wine, the ten to fifteen minute arm in arm stroll in the soft glow of the streetlights along the tree lined Chistoprudny Boulevard to the Chistye Prudy Metro would be an ideal way to end a most memorable dining experience.


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